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About Us

Our mission statement – Explore the World

Inspired by our travels around the world and the love of Great food from far and wide, we wish to share our experiences by offering wonderful, fragrant and mouth-watering recipes from all corners of our planet, capturing flavours of all types of cuisines, whether that’s a simple cottage pie, or a mouth-watering Thai stir fry, we have the blend for you.

Our trusted herbs&spices are blended to provide you with the very best possible flavouring for your food dishes and will literally bring you food to life, all our products have no additives or preservatives and are sugar free, this allows us to offer great recipe ideas that are healthy & Honest and great for any slimming regime.

Our Herbs & Spices are blended to save you time & money with the busy family in mind, therefore no need to have a cupboard full of spices.

Our Blends are tried and tested and used daily in the Spice lounge kitchen, we simply won’t cook without.

In addition, we have also introduced our salt & Pepper range and a number of recipe ideas will be introduced including ideas for Steak lovers.

We are a family run business and understand the needs of other families as we have been cooking for our families for generations, we are extremely proud to offer our products with cost in mind and you will find our blends more than affordable.