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Mild Curry

Mild Curry


To the lovers of all Indian and Thai dishes, our Medium Curry  is a must for the kitchen cupboard giving you the opportunity to experience the real flavours of Asia in the comfort of your own home. Our delicious blend is great as a base to any spicy dish or to add a zing to sauces. CAUTION: This product contains the allergen Mustard.

All of our seasonings are simply perfect for all slimming programmes.

All vegetarian friendly& Vegan Friendly

0% Fat

No additives or preservatives

Just 100% Honest ingredients

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Corinader, Turmeric, Fenugreek,Mustard, Sea salt, Ginger, Cumin, Chilli Powder, Cassia, Cloves,  Allspice.

Why not make this mildly-spiced curry with a rich creamy low fat yogurt sauce that will appeal to all the family, C’mon Who can resist the combination of delicious mild Indian flavoured made with chicken  in a delectable  spiced tomato-based sauce? Master the art of curries.

Our recipes range from creamy and mild to sweet and hot.


Or why not turn up the heat with a homemade chicken Vindaloo made with lots of aromatic spices. Serve with warmed flatbread for a simple, super tasty meal.

All of our curry blends are totally fat free and less than 10 calories per serving to great for slimmer’s and Gymers alike.

So if you are looking after your waist line then look no further.

Packed with flavour and totally delicious.

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