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Garlic Pepper

Garlic Pepper


Garlic pepper can be used as a condiment to season meals in place of salt, our tasty combination will add maximum flavour, and it makes a delicious meat rub or marinade. Use it to pep up chicken fillets drizzle with lemon juice and honey and shake on a little garlic pepper before grilling. Add to breadcrumb coatings for chicken and fish or sprinkle over steak for a sizzlingly, tempting and delicious steak dinner. Sprinkle over pizza, pasta and salads, this flavour combination works well with all meat, fish, poultry and vegetables, try sprinkling it on a baked potato before you add your topping, delicious!

All of our seasonings are simply perfect for all slimming programmes.

All vegetarian friendly.

0% Fat

No additives or preservatives

Just 100% Honest ingredients

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A delicious pepper that compliments  all meat dishes , from steak to tacos.

Try out on your next steak its sure not to disappoint.