BUNDLE: The World Tour (36 pots)

BUNDLE: The World Tour (36 pots)

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You will receive 1 of each of the following pots.

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Our Mexican seasoning will get you totally inspired about Mexican food.

Its so so versatile, you’ll love it

Why not have  a taco party or Burrito bonanza and  whip up some sides. Don’t forget the guacamole , salsa , sour cream,  make the ideal centrepiece for everyone to get stuck in to.

Or why not try a mid-week Mexican dinner, Chilli con carne is certainly a family favourite , quesadillas, nachos !! Its endless.

You can also make it vegetarian by serving up a  platter of vegetarian nachos . Unlike most party food, these nachos are healthy for those who are looking after the waistline.

Or Make vegan tacos with a smoky-sweet salsa for a healthy weekend lunch and pack in all of your 5-a-day.

Cater for your crowd come rain or shine with our sizzling selection of barbecue recipes, including burgers, kebabs, veggie dishes, sauces and sides.

It’s peak barbecue season, and although we love spending hours  marinating and chopping to create the perfect barbecue spread, sometimes we just want to throw something on the grill and return to a gorgeously charred, mouth-watering result.

Another wonderful dish  are the Chicken fajitas and they are a fun meal to cook for the family. Try topping with homemade salsa to make them extra delicious.

Endless recipe ideas

There are so many things you will love the list is endless.

Happy cooking