Saver Bundles: Explore and Save at the Same Time!

Saver Bundles Launched

Often we’re told that people can’t decide which pots to buy as they like them all and they’re spoilt for choice. We’ve created the perfect solution to the problem with our Saver Bundles!

We’ve put together nine different options to suit just about everyone. From bundles celebrating our Salt & Pepper range to packages featuring our Indian Curry pots and even a Family Classics bundles, you’re sure to find something for you!

If you don’t find the ideal bundle, we’ve created a way for you to create your own and save money at the same time! Starting with the Saver 16 Bundle, where you can pick any combination of 16 pots, all the way up to the Ultimate World Tour Bundle, which allows you to create your own bundle with any combination of 100 pots, it’s a great way to grab some of your favourites and save money at the same time!

Don’t just take our word for it, click here now to view the bundles range!